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5 Strategies to Avoid Over Spending

If you are spending more money than you have and are looking for a way to save money, your first step is to strengthen your self-discipline. These five tips will help you navigate your way to a more disciplined approach to spending money....(more)

Tips to Become Financially Fit in 2014

Is one of your New Year's resolutions to become more financially fit for 2014? Most people create a goal to reach financial fitness for the New Year; however only a few actually achieve their goal. If you want to become financially fit in 2014, try these five ideas to help you stay on track:...(more)

The Top Five Frugal Living Tips of 2013

It is that time of year again; time to recap the big moments of the past year. These five frugal living tips recap simple and easy ways to save your family money throughout the year. Hopefully, you will find these tips useful in your family's quest for saving money....(more)

Save Money By Simplifying Your Children's Birthday Parties

If you have children, you have undoubtedly heard that children are expensive. Children definitely cost money but the expensive part is determined by the parents. There are numerous ways to lower the cost that is associated with having children. One of these ways is to simplify their birthday parties. Listed below are a few ways to simplify their birthday celebrations to save your family money....(more)


Going Green on a Budget

Going green typically means a higher price tag. If you are on a tight budget, going green may seem completely impossible. However there are a few ways that you can go green without breaking the bank....(more)

How to Shop Smart Online

Online shopping has quickly become the most popular way to shop. Shopping online offers convenience for the busy parent or for those that live in rural areas. However, online shopping can cause you to spend more money than you originally planned with steep shipping costs and the plethora of online retailers to browse. There are ways to save time and money while shopping online that will make the experience even better....(more)

Ways to Save on Halloween

Fall is here and soon it will be Halloween. If you are a parent, you know how quickly Halloween can become expensive. There are costumes, candy, decorations, and parties that you have to buy for. If you find yourself going over your Halloween budget year after year, try a few of these tips to see if they can help you stay in line with your spending....(more)


How to Increase Your Vehicle's Gas Mileage

If you will take a few simple steps you will increase the gas mileage of your vehicle. Getting more miles per gallon ensures that you spend less money at the gas station. These simple steps can easily be completed at home. For the most part you will not even need any tools in order to increase your gas mileage....(more)

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Jessi is a wife, mother, and avid budget fanatic. She graduated from Kennesaw State University in May of 2012 with a B.B.A in Accounting. Before becoming a stay-at-home mom to two boys under the age of two, she was a project manager for an engineering firm in Atlanta. She is... Read More

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